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David Royko Psy.D

Positive Change!

I don’t write much about my “day job” as director of the Chicago area court system’s divorce mediation, parent education and custody evaluation services. The nature of the business has confidentiality at its core, so I’m used to simply not talking about it (just ask Karen). But without disclosing any identifying information, I want to share this.

Our parent education program is a 4-hour class geared toward helping parents understand the separation/divorce experience through the eyes of their children. All parents complete an evaluation of the class (anonymously) when it’s over, and some attendees include comments. From today, here's a comment that has caused me to widen my definition of "positive change":

Question: Are there changes you may consider as a result of taking this class?

Answer: “I will change his name in my phone from dead beat a*s b*tch to his legal name.”