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David Royko Psy.D

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I've never posted a pic of food. Nothing against it, just not my style since I'm usually too impatient to delay gratification enough to snap anything but my jaw. But here is my first. The tale... The B-Spot in Woodmere, a suburb of Cleveland near Ben's suburb of Shaker Heights, has something called the Ghost Burger. It uses salt made from Ghost peppers, rated really, really high on the Scoville Scale that rates peppery hotness. But the docs have told me that if I eat any more salt, my skull will pop so that's it for my favorite burger. Today, after our Saturday with Ben, we did our usual burger and beer at the B-Spot. But this time, I came prepared. One habanero pepper rated way high by the Scovilles, purchased at Whole Foods. The weight at the cash register of two-one-hundredths of a pound was probably one-hundredth pepper, one hundredth plastic bag. Total cost: 5 Cents. And my nibble test at the restaurant had my lips burning, so it passed. Chopped and laid neatly on the patty, it was hot bliss. So here's the pic, pre-nibble-'n'-chop. And beer is essential when eating habaneros. Karen, in "sympathy," had a Hot-and-Dirty Vodka martini (with Sriracha, olive juice and blue cheese stuffed olives). And, as a side note that happens far too often these days, our bar-mates (we like the bar for our Saturday night meals) were a couple with kids on the autism spectrum. Booze and commiseration go well together. So, cheers! October 25, 2013.
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