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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

Music Music Groovin' A step above -- no, a whole flight of stairs up -- from the usual (and often dandy) music us Chicagoans are lucky to have serenade us on our sidewalks, Chicago Traffic Jam was delivering some serious and tight jazzy funk outside the Daley Center today, making this a truly happy Halloween. October 31, 2016. 203217039 Steppin' A fan of the jazz-funk Chicago Traffic Jam outside of the Daley Plaza on Halloween, a step above -- no, a whole flight of stairs up -- from the usual (and often dandy) music us Chicagoans are lucky to have serenade us on our sidewalks. October 31, 2016. 203217040 Yes in Chicago, late 1970s - Chris Squire and Jon Anderson (photo by David Royko) I took this at the Chicago Stadium (or was it the International Amphitheatre?) on Yes' Chicago stop of their first US tour "In The Round," which made for good picture-taking. 55161282 Yes in Chicago, late 1970s - Alan White (photo by David Royko) Again, from the Chicago Stadium (or Amphitheatre?) on Yes' Chicago stop of their first US tour "In The Round." 55161283 Todd Rundgren in Chicago, Uptown Theater, March 18, 1977 (photo by David Royko) I'd use B&W because I could develop the film myself in our basement (the cheaper way to go!). This was Todd Rundgren and Utopia's "Ra" tour, where they played the first half in tee-shirts, and then did the second half with elaborate costuming and lighting and props. This, obviously, was from the first half. The drummer is John "Willie" Wilcox. And thanks to the Todd Rundgren Touring History page for helping me zero in on the exact date of this show, which was my senior year in high school ( 55164749 Matt Darriau's Ballin' the Jack, July 19, 2009 Matt Darriau's Ballin' the Jack performing at the Cornelia Street Cafe, in the Village (NYC), Sunday, July 19, 2009. From right: George Schuller (drums); Matt Darriau (reeds); Andy Laster (reeds); Joe Fitzgerald (bass); Curtis Hasselbring (trombone); Anthony Coleman (Piano); Frank London (trumpet). Also sitting in on this night (not pictured): Arnold Hammerschlag (trumpet); Katie Down (banjo-ukulele). Photo by Dave Royko. 55130290 Punch Brothers in Milwaukee Summerfest, June 26, 2015. 198978078 Oscar Night, 2010 March 7, 2010, the blackboard inside Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. We were there for the Punch Brothers, our favorite inglourious basterds, and considering that it was sold out, was there anybody left watching the Oscars??? But as tasty as they were, the highlight came afterward, when Jake wrote down a dozen or so death metal suggestions for Chris...who received them enthusiastically. So who knows? Watch for a hint of death metal influence in the Thile second mandolin concerto. 72987384 Sam Bush Sam Bush sitting in (standing in?) with Dread Clampett at Nashville's Station Inn, May 27, 2010. His solo on, of all things, Prince's Purple Rain, was especially memorable. 84367030 Rollin' & Tumblin' (John Jochem and Jim Fraher) with bassist Willie Rauch, Jr. At John and Bonnie Jochem's blues house party, October 29, 2011. 141511876 Bassist Willie Rauch, Jr. At John and Bonnie Jochem's blues house party, October 29, 2011. 141511873 The Purple Fiddle In Thomas, West Virginia, a terrific little music joint where we heard "Jenny Lynn and Charlie" on August 3, and "Up The Chain" on August 4, 2011. 133759427 Bluesman Jim Fraher At John and Bonnie Jochem's blues house party, October 29, 2011. 141511874 Noam Pikelny and Friends At Schuba's in Chicago: Gabe Witcher, violin; Noam Pikelny, banjo; Mark Schatz, bass, Chris Eldridge, guitar; Jesse Cobb, mandolin. First set, December 17, 2011. 145124225 Host John Jochem and harp At John and Bonnie Jochem's blues house party, October 29, 2011. 141511875 A Good Year Orchestra Hall before Muti's final concert of his first full -- healthy -- year as the Chicago Symphony's leader. Outside, the wall might say Mozart-Beethoven-Schubert, but inside on this day they delivered terrific renditions of Paganini (concertmaster Chen soloing on the first violin concerto) and Bruckner's 6th symphony. Muti spoke afterwards, bidding the audience fond addio until next season, June 24, 2012. 158779531 Henhouse on the Plaza Their last chord in the air, bluegrass band The Henhouse Prowlers are applauded by the lunch hour crowd behind the Picasso, October 1, 2010, 1:00pm. 100966756 Henhouse in Beloit Two years later, another dandy Henhouse Prowlers show, this time at Beloit (Wisconsin) Farmers Market, where we were to meet our boy Jake, a Freshman pulled from bed at the ungodly hour of 10:30 (AM!), September 29, 2012. 166757157 Calm Before the Sturm und Drang Waiting for Murray Perahia to begin his Orchestra Hall (Chicago) recital, an excellent program of Haydn's Sonata in D Major, Hob.XVI:24, Schubert's Six Moments Musicaux, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Schumann's Faschingsschwank aus Wien, and Chopin's Impromptu in F-sharp Major, Op.36 and Scherzo No.1 in B Minor, encoring with a Brahms Intermezzo and Schubert's Impromptu Op.90/4, on October 14, 2012. The Haydn sparkled, played with some light touches of rubato, the Schubert emphasized sturm und drang instead of the deep sentiment, the Moonlight was inward for the opening movement and balls-out for the finale. In the second half, Perahia went full throttle virtuoso in the Schumann, while the Chopin didn?t do much for me either way [neither piece are favorites of mine]. The two encores were terrific, the Schubert in particular a highlight of the concert. Perahia looked positively wrung-out by the end. 168323458 Severance Hall Before Bela Fleck's performance of his Concerto for Banjo and Orchestra with the Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Giancarlo Guerrero, December 8, 2012. 170909904 Amazing Sight Amazing enough for Ben, a big Bela Fleck fan, to be getting a solo recital in Bela's hotel room -- he was in Cleveland to perform his recent, and wonderfully engaging, Banjo Concerto with the Cleveland Orchestra. But the truly amazing part, thanks to autism, is that Ben was unimpressed (at least as far as any of us could tell). A thousand thanks to Bela and Abigail Washburn (Abby), the Banjo Power Couple of the World, and great friends, December 9, 2012. 170968060 Statman + Grisman = Ecstasy Never got to see John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy together (or separately for that matter), nor Bill Monroe with Earl Scruggs, Albert Ayler with Don Cherry, John Lennon and Paul McCartney...but last night at Chicago's City Winery, I finally got to hear Andy Statman and David Grisman together, and I am VERY happy. Statman began each of the two sets on clarinet with his superb and long-standing trio (drummer Larry Eagle and bassist Jim Whitney), before Grisman joined them, Statman switching to mandolin. Their sets were all over the map, hitting klezmer, bluegrass, jazz standards, "Mandolin Abstractions" style avant/free mandolin improvising, a wildly deconstructed -- and reconstructed -- fiddle tune, and a delightful "You Are My Sunshine" (my long-departed granddad's favorite song). They've been playing together (and friends) for almost a half-century, and the pleasure they obviously get from this kind of gig was palpable. And the music - sublime. April 9, 2013. 177592650 Joe Purdy The Main Stage opening act at the inaugural (hopefully) "Stills in the Hills -- An Appalachian Jamboree" festival in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, June 15, 2013. 180828205 Gangstagrass A compelling mix of Newgrass and HipHop from Gangstagrass at the "Stills in the Hills -- An Appalachian Jamboree" festival in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, June 15, 2013. 180835823 Sam Bush Band The King of Newgrass Music, aka Sam Bush delivering a powerhouse set, varied, unpredictable, extraordinary -- basically, the stuff musical geniuses do, with his great band of banjoist Scott Vestal, guitarist Stephen Mougin, drummer Chris Brown, and bassist Todd Parks, at the "Stills in the Hills -- An Appalachian Jamboree" festival in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, June 15, 2013. 180850221 Ch'uwa Yacu A lone piper serenades lunch time pedestrians outside the Thompson (fka State of Illinois) Center at Clark and Randolph, July 3, 2013. 181658881 Skyway Stereo Local high-energy rockers blast the Daley Plaza, July 3, 2013. 181658882 Le Vent du Nord The Quebecois boogie in the French Canadian way at Square Roots Fest, July12, 2013. 182064880 Attentive Square Roots Fest, July12, 2013. 182064881 Facing Le Vent du Nord Square Roots Fest attendees watching the band, July 12, 2013. 182064879 Dusk in the Square Darkness descends at the Square Roots Fest in Lincoln Square, July 12, 2013. 182064882 Jake the Dancer Whirling and dervishing and eliciting grinning at the Square Roots Fest, July 12, 2013. 182064883 Magnolia Thunderpussy A great Columbus, Ohio record-and-CD store (if you're looking for Punk and Death Metal, as my son Jake was), July 27, 2013. 182869467 Sam Bush Band late set A great late show at the Old Town School with Sam and his men (banjoist Scott Vestal, guitarist Stephen Mougin, drummer Chris Brown, bassist Todd Parks) playing until 1:30am, and wrapping up with an encore of Steam Powered Aeroplane, October 5 (and 6), 2013. 185291757 Chris Thile with Don Stiernberg Don Stiernberg (left) and Chris Thile backstage at Pick-Staiger concert hall in Evanston, IL, after Thile's solo concert, October 15, 2013. A short ranting rave review: 185719834 Punch Brother Drummer Gabe Witcher added drums to his arsenal because, hey, fiddle is nice but you can't beat the heck out of it with long hunks of wood, Milwaukee Summerfest, June 26, 2015. Punch Brothers are (fr left) Gabe Witcher, Chris Eldridge, Noam Pikelny, Chris Thile, and Paul Kowert. 198977918 Jonny Hahn in Seattle He's been playing piano and singing his songs in Seattle's Pike Place Market district for almost 30 years, rain (hence the patio umbrella) or shine, as he does here for an attentive audience of one, February 15, 2014. For more on Jonny Hahn: 189659906 Bela Fleck and Chick Corea Auditorium Theater, Chicago, April 5, 2014. 191205376 Feeling the Spirit Rua, a Christian band from Cicero, inspires the faithful in the Daley Plaza, April 30, 2014. 191952632 Sam Bush Band In the middle of a great 2 1/2 hour set at Chicago City Winery, June 11, 2015, banjoist Scott Vestal, guitarist Stephen Mougin, drummer Chris Brown, bassist Todd Parks, and Sam the Man hizself. 198782923 PotFest Walking around Cleveland's hip Warehouse district with Ben, we asked a trio of young ladies, who were having the hardest time getting the parking meter figured out and giggling like crazy what the gathering in the park was. They hesitated, seeing that two of the three of us were, um, not too hip-looking, before saying, "A marijuana march." Our reaction seemed to put them at ease as we walked over to check out the non-marching marchers, like this band (the name of which I didn't catch, but they ARE on the CD collection, "Cardinal Herb"). Oh, and Ben was by far the least 'chill' of everybody. May 3, 2014. 192046003 Old Salt Union Opening for the Sam Bush Band, Chicago City Winery, June 11, 2015. 198782922 Queens and Creeks Fans of Queens of the Stone Age head west from the Aragon as fans of Nickel Creek head east from the Riviera toward the Lawrence El stop after the two very different shows adjourned simultaneously on Friday night, May 9, 2014. 192254978 After The Rain Concertmaster Jeremy Black gets the final tuneup going before Carlos Kalmar conducts the Grant Park Orchestra, Chorus, vocal soloists Christine Goerke, Jill Grove, Garrett Sorenson, Shenyang, and organist David Schrader in Barber's affecting Fadograph of a Yestern Scene, Haydn's wonderful Symphony 98, and Janacek's stupendous Glagolitic Mass, June 28, 2014 - after a 10-minute thunder storm delay. 193726045 Super Trio Banjoist Greg Cahill founded Special Consensus Bluegrass Band in 1975 and has been in charge ever since, through dozens of personnel changes. This lunchtime outdoor show in Chicago featured Greg with two Special C alums, mandolin monster Don Stiernberg and singer/songwriter/guitarist and all-around musical heavyweight Robbie Fulks, July 9, 2014. 193969551 Hough 'n' Wolff Stephen Hough delivers the relatively rarely played Dvorak Piano Concerto with the Grant Park Orchestra under conductor Hugh Wolff on a perfect summer evening, ideal for the other major work, Beethoven's 6th Symphony (the Pastoral), July 19, 2014. 194186939 Punch Brothers - Summerfest 2015 From left, Witcher, Eldridge, Kowert, Thile, Pikelny, Friday, June 26, 2015. 198977917 After School Matters Jazz Band We Farmers Market lunchers in the Daley Plaza were treated to some fine big band music (Miles Davis's Solar was a particular highlight) courtesy a bunch of talented young 'uns, July 24, 2014. 194286837 Fairies a'Flying Members of the Chinese dance troupe, Flying Fairies, whirl in the Daley Plaza during the 2014 International Art Festival, August 12. 194686875 Little Fairies Kids of the Chinese dance troupe, Flying Fairies, face a sparse Daley Plaza audience on an unusually chilly, cloudy and drizzly day during the 2014 International Art Festival, August 12. 194686874 Punch Brothers at Summerfest 2015 Chris Thile (center) spars with Chris Eldridge as Paul Kowert's bass keeps it all anchored, June 26, 2015. 198971802 Matching Grills My boy Jake and his fellow adult-braced Chris Thile showing off their hardware back stage at Symphony Center after Chris and Edgar Meyer astonished a packed house with their bass and mandolin hardware, October 17, 2014. 195951422 JPJ and Jake Jake with John Paul Jones, who spent the weekend at the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival with mandolin in hand and, as a member of the Dave Rawlings Machine, performed a superb rendition of his former band's "Going to California," that old group being, of course, Led Zeppelin. June 22, 2014. 195951800 Not Edgar My son Jake and Chris Thile after their Symphony Center Bass-and-Mandolin concert, no doubt making Edgar Meyer jealous that he doesn't have adult braces too, October 17, 2014. 195951423 Sam Bush and Don Stiernberg Sam and Don channel their mutual mando hero, Jethro Burns, via a duet on "Broadway," Chicago City Winery, June 11, 2015. 198782924 Bela Fleck and Noam Pikelny 1990 This is a doozy, a truly historic shot, and a huge THANK YOU to Noam for letting me post this pic, taken by his father, Irv. On June 17, 1990, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones played Chicago's Navy Pier for the Flea Market, a free weekly concert series broadcast on Sundays by WBEZ, where 9-year-old future Punch Brother and banjo superstar Noam Pikelny (a banjo beginner at this point) met Bela for the first time (and where I also first met Noam and his dad Irv - they were the only other people at the venue as early as I was). When I saw Noam after the Milwaukee Summerfest show (6/26/15), he told me that he'd just found this in an old album. 198940202 NEST NEST (Noah Vandercook, Eric Unger, Stephanie Maieritisch, Tom Owley) delivers an all-original Saturday night set at Sylvie's Lounge on Irving Park, August 8, 2015. 199373706 Irish Sounds A quintet of kids perform on the Daley Plaza to promote and preview the 30th Annual Irish Fest at the Irish American Heritage Center, June 29, 2015. 198964003 Punch Brothers Eldridge and Thile Punch Brothers Chris Eldridge and Chris Thile belt it out as fiddler Gabe Witcher pummels instead at Milwaukee Summerfest, June 26, 2015. 198977919 Nick Alvarez and Beau Barry on the Corner Drummer Nick Alvarez and tenor saxophonist Beau Barry, along with Babatu on a conga, serenade the afternoon strollers outside with some very nice "outside" jazz, at the northeast corner of Washington and Wabash, July 17, 2015. If you want to hear a bit of what they do, I found a short (under 5 minute) documentary about Alvarez, which includes footage of the pair doing the same thing on a different corner (State and Madison): <> and from the same video series, another short documentary about Barry: <> 199139694 Jake Royko - Guitar Jake holds on to the one instrument - an acoustic guitar - he probably won't use at the evening's gig at the Alley in Highwood, where he will provide his punk trio's bottom bass end instead of his usual guitar shredding. His band's name for the gig has been shortened, at the request of the club owner, to "The F-Stains." The "F" is a stand-in for, well, you know. No doubt it will be an evening of sensitive love ballads. July 18, 2015. 199141100 Three Kinds of Stains Behold the Fuckstains! And that's my boy! (On the left.) AKA The F-Stains. AKA (in Norwegian) Fick Flecken. On stage at The Alley in Highwood, Saturday night, July 18, 2015. 199162005 Might Few On a cloudy Monday, a handful of people listen to a musician on the Daley Plaza, August 10, 2015. 199374360 Suzuki and Sunny The kids display their chops on the Daley Plaza, August 20, 2015. 199472761 First Name is Mason I didn't catch his last name at Jurassic Park, during the set-up for a 6-band blowout that included my son Jake's thrash punk trio, October 16, 2015. 200007359 The Giving Tree Band Illinois' own Giving Tree gives the Daley Plaza some sound for the Farmers Market, September 17, 2015. 199731517 Musician Briefcases As The Giving Tree Band plays to the Daley Plaza crowd, their cases await the trip to their next gig, September 17, 2015. 199731518 Days Gone By at the Jazz Showcase A display of 15 of the thousands of show posters that have come from Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase for 68 years (so far). Hard to imagine that when I went there for the first time the summer I graduated high school in 1977, in its Happy Medium basement location on Rush Street, Segal had been doing this for 30 years already. Now the Showcase, through all its addresses, is pushing 70, and Joe will be 90 in April. Two of the acts I heard that summer are in these posters -- Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers (my first time at the Showcase and, really, at a jazz club, without parental accompaniment anyway), the group with Bobby Watson and David Schnitter; their current LP was Backgammon which I bought right from Blakey's hands after he assured me it was the same band I was hearing that night -- "Yeah, yeah, they're all on there," he said impatiently, and the following week, Ahmad Jamal's trio (his new LP was "One"). This was the display at the Showcase October 4, 2015, after the Sean Jones Quartet afternoon set. 199896516 Thrash Punk The Fuckstains at Jurassic Park, October 16, 2016. 200007361 Sean Jones Quartet Jazz Showcase, October 4, 2015, afternoon set. Sean Jones, trumpet, with pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Ben Williams and drummer Obed Calvaire. 199896517 Stu Katz - Chicago Jazz Magazine July/August 2015 I got to know Stu through Penny, his wife and fellow mediator when I first joined the mediation department in 1988. Stu has divided his life between real estate law and jazz piano and vibes, and has played with everybody over the years -- yesterday, we were talking about just some of the drummers he's played with -- Lenny White, Philly Joe Jones, Jack Dejohnette, Tony Williams, Gene Krupa, and on and on. Listening to the Sean Jones Quartet at the Jazz Showcase yesterday (October 4, 2015) with Penny and Stu was a rare treat, and not just because they treated! 199896936 A Fan Wearing my boy's thrash punk band's name on her back at Jurassic Park, October 16, 2015. 200007360 My Dog Is An Amateur Porn Star The Fuckstains performing one of their catchy tunes at Jurassic Park, October 16, 2015. 200007362 Jammin' Harpist friend John Jochem (of Rollin' and Tumblin', above) and Mac Brachman jam with Jake as friends and family enjoy, December 20, 2015. 200568375 Bartok in Cleveland - Bluebeard's Castle Cleveland Orchestra, Franz Welzer-Most, Joffrey Ballet, Mikhail Petrenko, Katarina Dalayman, and Bartok combined for an amazing evening, April 7, 2016. To read more: 201476077 Bartok in Cleveland - Miraculous Mandarin Cleveland Orchestra, Franz Welzer-Most, Joffrey Ballet, Mikhail Petrenko, Katarina Dalayman, and Bartok combined for an amazing evening, April 7, 2016. To read more: 201476078 Rockin' the North Atlantic Jake was a rock star, er, maybe more a North Atlantic Music star at his concert by the Beloit College North Atlantic Music Ensemble. That's m'boy! April 28, 2016. 201692031 Groovin' Rockford's "The Groove Hotel" do a terrific job playing classic hard bop for the Beloit College graduation, May 15, 2016. 201801059 Matthew Middleton and Texas Drive Rockin' at the East Fork Club in in Lake Fork, Texas, May 21, 2016. 201849504 The Grahams Opening for Sam Bush at the City Winery, June 9, 2016. 201973580 Sam Bush 2016 On the eve of his new release (Storyman), Sam Bush and Band deliver a high energy set at City Winery, June 9, 2016. 201973581 Prairie Home Jammin' Mandolinist Chris Thile (from left), bassist Larry Kohut, fiddler Richard Kriehn, guitarist Chris Siebold, drummer Bernie Dresel (hidden), and music director Richard Dworsky play for the crowd as they leave the Ravinia Prairie Home Companion "Farewell Keilor Hello Thile" show, June 11, 2016. 201988487 Jake Not Yet Blown Away Heading into the concert, pre-revelation, June 12, 2016. 201992440 Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Howard Levy, Victor Wooten, Bela Fleck, and Roy Wooten blowing Jake away at Thalia Hall in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, June 12, 2016. Absolutely great stuff, and the twenty-somethings (majority of attendees I'd say, like Jake) were just as ecstatic as us oldsters who were around when much of this material was new, 27 years ago. Fresh as daisies. 201992439 NESTing Jake soaks up the sounds of Chicago's NEST (Tommy Owley, Stephanie Maieritsch, Noah Vandercook, Eric Unger) at the Square Roots Festival, July 8, 2016. 202173543 Chicago Symphony Orchestra - When Nature calls The band gathers on stage to tune and warm up. When Muti walked in, he mock-scolded a violinist who had kept him cooling his heels backstage and the whole orchestra sitting in silence for five minutes after curtain time waiting for her. When she finally appeared, I doubt she really enjoyed the applause mixed with chuckles that she received from the stage and the audience. Hey, when y'gottago... And the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and soloists' performances of the Bruckner 9th and Te Deum were definitely worth 5 extra minutes waiting for. Spectacular way to end the season, June 26, 2016 . 202194303 Don Stiernberg Trio Mandolinist/vocalist Don Stiernberg (right) and guitarist Casey Nielsen and bassist Jim Cox in last minute preparations before opening the Trio's first set at 210 in Highwood, Illinois, February 22, 2017. 203735981 Don Stiernberg Trio Mandolinist/vocalist Don Stiernberg (right) and guitarist Casey Nielsen and bassist Jim Cox in last minute preparations before opening their first set at 210 in Highwood, Illinois, February 23, 2017. 203752662 Smiling at a Busker Buskers busking and a commuter smiling a few minutes on the Madison Street bridge over the river, February 22, 2017. 203752665 Busted The dude takes his no-photos security detail seriously, even 20 minutes before curtain time at the Bela Fleck-Abigail Washburn and Del McCoury Band double bill in Orchestra (a.k.a. Symphony) Hall concert, May 12, 2017. 204035382 Heading In Karen and me at the Bela Fleck-Abigail Washburn and Del McCoury Band double bill in Orchestra (a.k.a. Symphony) Hall concert, May 12, 2017. We were with Karen's mom and our niece Sarah, who snapped the pic. 204035452