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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

Window View Window View Pre Dawn This morning's view from my desk 17 minutes before sunrise. The consolation prize for getting to work at 6:30am. October 2, 2017. 204487384 Washing windows way up The building across the street, August 12, 2009. 88708834 Tea steeps Partiers in the Plaza, April 15, 2010. 88708833 Young dead The Active Minds "Send Silence Packing" 10-city tour comes to town -- backpacks on the Daley Plaza representing the 1,100 college students who commit suicide each year, April 29, 2010. 88708832 And the BIG GROAN it is, even earlier than anyone thought Watching the countdown to the Olympic decision from my office window 10 floors above the Daley Plaza -- this was taken at 8:50am, before the official rally began. There are still a couple hours to go before the big moment -- the big cheer, or the big groan. October 2, 2009. 88711113 The Matrix Question The CBS building wants to know -- Do you pick the blue ball or the red ball? CBS from my window, March 6, 2015. 197702065 A Joyful Noise Drums and bugles blasting outside our office windows, and they sound (and feel!) wonderful. September 17, 2010 99155637 1 Moron + 1 Pay Phone = I got up to my office at around 8:10 this morning. At 8:30, I got a call from a fellow-employee who said, "What's going on?!?" Seems around the time I got here, a bomb threat was phoned in to one of the downtown court buildings, and hence they weren't letting anyone up. Happily, it was a hoax. Unhappily, it's so easy to do. September 22, 2010. 99785185 Drum and Bugle Pigeon The bird watches from the south and the Picasso from the north as drummers drum and buglers bugle on the Daley Plaza, September 20, 2013. 184701857 CBS At Night At 4:45 today, this was the CBS/Channel 2 building kitty corner from my office windows. As I said in another caption, one gen-u-wine perk of my Court job is having the type of office view usually afforded only by financial guys, megalawyers or similarly tax-bracketed -- 10th floor northeast corner in the middle of the Loop overlooking Daley Plaza with walls of floor-to-ceiling windows. I mean, come on. (And all the mediators have floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Dearborn or Washington -- not bad.) It's especially nice when it gets dark earlier. November 6, 2014. 196270629 Three Flags on Dearborn One gen-u-wine perk of my Court job is having the type of office view usually afforded only by financial guys, megalawyers or similarly tax-bracketed -- 10th floor northeast corner in the middle of the Loop overlooking Daley Plaza with walls of floor-to-ceiling windows. I mean, come on. (And all the mediators have floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Dearborn or Washington -- not bad.) It's especially nice when it gets dark earlier. At 4:45 today, these were the Daley Plaza's United States, Cook County, and Chicago flags all flying above Dearborn looking north at twilight, November 6, 2014. 196273226 City and County Pillars on the east side of the half-and-half edifice that houses Chicago's City Hall and the Cook County Building across the street from Daley Center as viewed from my office window, December 30, 2014. 196936808 Up On The Roof Workers adding more floors 100 feet above the once-vacant-for-a-generation Block 37 in the Chicago loop, New Years Eve 2014. 196945842 Picasso Ploughed A gray day and the Picasso's eyes have a snow white mascara treatment, January 8, 2014. 197087179 Uber Angry Chicago cabbies at the half-way mark of their 8am-to-10am protest of Uber, which involved driving around Chicago's City Hall (and right below my office windows) with horns a'blaring, and I felt like I was at a John Cage concert. Certain cabbies' had distinctive approaches. Three long beeeep-beeeep-beeeeps followed by two short beepbeeps; Two short Beep-Beeps followed by two even shorter beep-beeps; The classic beep-beep-ba-beep-beep [pause] beep-beep. The possibilities were endless. February 17, 2015. 197504687 Five Chairs No Waiting Red chairs in the blue building that is CBS kitty corner from my office, March 6, 2015. 197702064 Light and Dark The Picasso and Daley Plaza flags share the early Spring sunlight, March 17, 2015. 197817379 Warmed When the weather's chilly, the birds in the Daley Plaza huddle around the Eternal Flame, April 16, 2015. 198143459 Rust and Blues The Picasso mingles with blue barrels on the Daley Center Plaza, June 9, 2015. 198759460 Base Jumping and Laying Kids hang, relax and play on the sunny base of the Daley Plaza Picasso, June 30, 2015. 198974758 City Year City Year gathers to celebrate their education-oriented mission at Daley Plaza, August 28, 2015. 199551624 Mighty Few On a cloudy Monday, a handful of people listen to a musician on the Daley Plaza, August 10, 2015. 199374118 Christkindlmarket It's become a tradition on Chicago's Daley Plaza, because of course who doesn't think "Nuremberg" (where the original Christkindlesmarkt happens) when strolling through the Plaza? November 30, 2015. 200408730 Protesters Black Lives Matter protesters lie down in front of City Hall/County Building, 8:00am, December 10, 2015. 200486874 Peaking Chicago's Daley Plaza Christkindlesmarket reaches a fever pitch as Christmas approaches, December 22, 2015. 200577103 Buenos Morning Chicago! December 30, 2015. 200627471 Farewell Christkindlesmarket Normal December weather returns to the Daley Plaza just in time to cover the ruins of the once proud and mighty faux-Nuremberg as the dismantling goes on, December 30, 2015. 200627472 Freedom of Speech A lonely Donald-critter at the Picasso, March 17, 2016. 201310384 Whiteness No idea what the four white-clad performers are doing on the stage. The Picasso doesn't seem to care. March 31, 2015. 201443117 Fooled Ya The weather man this morning said the "good news" is that we'd have no rain today. Those people under the awning must be wondering what that falling water is called. Weatherman must've meant there would be no thunder and lightening. Oops, what's that I hear? August 19, 2016. 202465407 Window Blues This morning's Eastern view, August 31, 2016. 202556497 Washers Making the Richard J. Daley Center shine, August 31, 2016. 202558862 Playing for Peace Kids play on the Picasso as speeches ring out on the plaza for Peace Day, September 23, 2016. 202898339 Slats View through the blinds, March 7, 2017. 203784411 Ready in Red At this point, I don't know who they are or what they're doing, but the Picasso seems uninterested. March 17, 2017 203826872 Louder Than Usual Low wage workers and others in support of higher minimum wages marching from Daley Plaza en-route to Trump Tower, and it was one of the loudest rallies we've heard yet, and my work wife Cookie and I have heard plenty of loud rallies this year. May 23, 2017. 204076363 Right Left A basic training field trip (so I'm told) marches past the Daley Center, August 24, 2017. 204383932 Step Right Up! The only explanation I can fathom is that President Pond Scum has won -- we have become Russia, and Russia of the Soviet era no less when people stood in long lines for anything and everything. What other rational explanation could there be for what I am seeing out of my window today overlooking the Daley Plaza? That line? FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POPCORN! Yep. One bag. Not a lifetime supply. And they seem to have to throw something at something else to get it, which means it takes a few moments before you even get your bag, making this whole process even slower. I kid you not because it would be a dumb joke. Don't believe me? I don't blame you. I'm not even sure I believe me. But here's proof (although, of course, the Trib undoubtedly is fake media): 204880416 Change a'Comin' It ain't over 'til it's over, but it will be a huge shock to everyone in the known and unknown universe if the Gorsuch Supreme Court doesn't destroy public sector unions with their ruling on Janus v. AFSCME. Today the Supremes heard the arguments, and these are the remnants of a simultaneous protest on Daley Plaza. As I knew the night President Pond Scum was elected, his/its most significant legacy will likely be (if not nuclear winter) the Supreme Court. And so it begins. February 26, 2018. 204888574 Lithuanian Pride! Lithuanians (just a guess) celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania with a flag-raising on Daley Plaza, smack dab between those of Ol' Glory and Cook County. And if you ask me, on aesthetic grounds, the Lithuanians win. 204914408 Food for the belly and food for the soul Food trucks and Good Friday worshipers peacefully coexisting on the Daley Plaza on Good Friday. With so many tasty options, I'm guessing at least someone in the crowd wondered, "What Would Jesus Do?" 204965880