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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

Family (when I was a kid) Family (when I was a kid) Mom, me, January 1977 Marco Island, Florida. 66297354 Dad on the beach in Marco Island Sunset, January 1971 68277456 Me 1966, Grandpa Royko's Wisconsin farm. 68277935 Me and Dad, 1966 I'm the one with the skates. 68277458 Robby and me, Easter 1966 Outside 5408 N. Central. 68277937 Robby, Dad and me outside the Chicago Daily News building, 1968 Walking east along the river, across from the old Chicago Daily News / Sun Times building. Dad was in his fifth year as a columnist (9th year at the Daily News altogether), and his cubicle was on the fourth floor in the south-east corner. A paper barge (Canadian) is moored next to the building, and just over the top of the building you can see the not-yet-completed antennas poking up from the under-construction John Hancock building. The Daily News folded in 1978, while the Sun Times is still holding on (as of 2010). The building itself is gone, the Trump Tower skyscraper in its place. 68277460 Picketers Mom took this photo from our window of picketers who were unhappy with a column of Dad's, ca. 1967, outside the house at 5408 N. Central. I remember coming home from school, second grade or so, and Mom hurrying out and down to the sidewalk to fetch me -- and the picketers seeming nice, though I do believe an egg was tossed at the house, enraging my (maternal) grandfather, whose house we shared. The signs we can see proclaim: "MRS. ROYKO:- GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER [?] JESSE JACKSON" ; "ROYKO WINDOW COMPANY [-] A REAL PAIN!" ; "TRUST CHICAGO POLICE" 68277939 Me, Robby, Marco Island, Florida, 1974 This is a pic Mom used for a card in the "I Care Collection," taken on Tigertail Beach. The "I Care Collection" is here: 146241966