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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

Family (these days) Family (these days) Family, Fall, 2010 Ben (from left), Dave, Karen, Jake, taken in Karen's parents' back yard by Brad Schade. 178064576 Delivered The twins assess a burger as the Denny's waitress slides it in front of an eager Ben, who had just eaten some cookies and, as he was finishing his fries, looked me in the eye and said, "Pizza" (his appetite truly has no "off" switch), July 20, 2012. 160810987 Devil's Lake and Jake July 2, 2010 89588444 Same Species Even the same family. Hard to believe. Me and Gigi, part of my Wisconsin family contingent, in Madison, July 2, 2010. Photo (and sprite) by Nate Maurer. 90440153 It's the latest in accessorizing. Me and Gigi of my Wisconsin family clan, Madison, July 2, 2010. Photo (and accessory) by Nate Maurer. 90440154 Karen at L2O, Saturday night, August 30, 2009 Happy Birthday! Photo courtesy Soyna, dinner courtesy Brian & Linda 50229719 Karen on the Bridge Karen on the Brooklyn Bridge, with the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Photo by Dave Royko, July 20, 2009. 46278486 Great America, Loggers Run, August 19, 2002 Great America, Loggers Run, August 19, 2002. Photo by the Great America machine that took it. 36620462 Family, Aug 28, 2005 Family, Aug 28, 2005. Photo taken by the guy at Seadog. 37233244 Ben and Jake in the playpen Ben and Jake in the playpen April 30, 1994 (9 month old) 45979470 Ben in the grass 2 Ben in the grass 2 45978635 Dad, Jake, fish Lake, tackle and photo courtesy of Micki Moran. Fish courtesy of the worm. 37474176 Jake on Dad's shoulder Jake on Dad's shoulder 45978300 Babies Jake (looking up) and Ben (looking down) Babies Jake (looking up) and Ben (looking down) 46384008 My brother Rob and me, 2002 We are accepting the Media Award for our late father Mike Royko at the 2002 Chicago 16" Hall Of Fame ceremony, October 20th, Hawthorn Park, Cicero. Photo courtesy of the 2002 Illinois Softball Report's Photo Album, at: 39116456 Ben, August 9, 2009 Ben, August 2009 47629611 Jake relaxes at the park 51092962 Karen on the balcony Wisconsin, '09 47835354 Jake and Mom, August 9, 2009 Jake and Mom, August 2009 47629613 Jake 51092963 Jake and friends, August '09 Heading in to buy junk--tasty junk, under prehistoric surveillance 47961953 Jake (left) and Ben (right) The twins on the backyard swings when we lived in Rogers Park (Chicago). 55075405 Jake and Ben at a piano Photo by Vicki Seglin, circa November, 1994 55429292 Three blondes Karen, Jake and a puppy at a pet shop. Nope, we didn't buy another one -- Zena's still puppy enough. 75921925 Jake, and can you guess what music he's into? March 27, 2010 75777362 Jake at Blackwater Falls, West Virginia August 3, 2011. 133757641 Jake overlooking Lindy Point Overlook in Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia, August 3, 2011. 133757642 Karen at Blackwater Falls, West Virginia August 3, 2011. 133757643 Jake, Covered Jake wraps up high school this week, and to our complete surprise, he is the cover boy on our local paper (The Deerfield Review) in a candid picture taken at school. The caption reads: "Jake Royko talks about Native American music during his presentation at the Deerfield High School Senior Symposium, the first the school has run." Congrats Jake -- a nice little send-off. May 19, 2012. 156092645 Couch, Teenager, Dog, Shoe Zena could not be happier -- on the couch, with her favorite person (Jake) curled up in a blanket on one side, and her favorite chew toy (a shoe of his) on the other, February 20, 2012. Zena Warrior Puppy Royko Fall 2000 - June 20, 2012. More about Zena: 159019578 Launch Jake and Karen outside Peet dorm, his new home at Beloit College, August 20, 2012. 163421207 Five Weeks Down Jake and Karen at Beloit's Family & Friends Weekend, and five weeks in, so far, so good, September 30, 2012. 166732050 Attention Walmart Shoppers Karen with Jake insuring against freshman starvation during Beloit's Family & Friends Weekend, as the lad's shoelaces flutter in the breeze and drive Mom nuts, September 30, 2012. 166732051 Right Place After eating lunch in Commons during Beloit College's Family & Friends Weekend, we walk outside to find ceremonial dances happening, and Jake the budding-anthro major looked right at home, September 30, 2012. 166732052 Death Metal Dive 35 years ago I was always on safari for LPs. Here, Jake spends some of his freshman Fall break in search of punk and death metal, creating his own record store history. (And yes, I say "record store" even if Jake [and I these days] sticks to CDs -- look at that wall!) October 16, 2012. 168279588 Parallel Play Jake and Ben might be worlds apart developmentally, but they truly are twins in some ways, even if their respective choices when in front of laptop screens may differ, December 28, 2012. 172033841 Human Maypole Jake (right) and his old friend Jack dance around their old friend John to the music of Quebec's Le Vent du Nord at the Square Roots Festival in Lincoln Square, July 12, 2013. 182065157 Jake and Dad 'Nuff said. Beloit College Family Weekend, September 20, 2013. 184768101 Jake and Mom And Hair. Beloit Family Weekend, September 20, 2013. 184768232 Old Folks At Home? Nope, young folks at play. Jake on the bench swing on the left as we headed to our hotel during Beloit College's Family Weekend, September 20, 2013. 184768233 Blustery Brothers Jake (left) and Ben at Geneva-on-the-Lake, the lake being Erie in far Northeast Ohio, on a windy, nippy and snowy day after Christmas, 2013. 187912205 Karen Ferried On the way to Bainbridge Island via ferry from Seattle, February 16, 2014. 189575760 Coiffed Jake, post-salon, ready for his role as a wedding usher, April, 2014. 192046428 No Escape Ben tries to break free of photo-op shackles, but we got 'em! May 23, 2014. 192787964 Edgewater Stroll Jake and Ben taking in the pier at Cleveland's Edgewater Park Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2014. 193200389 Superdawgin' Dad's 56th birthday, celebrating at the world's greatest hot dog joint since 1948, making Jake the third generation of Royko Superdawgers, June 8, 2015. 198755288 Constant Reader Karen beneath her reading lamp at the rest stop along 80/90 en route to Cleveland, September 2, 2015. 199644107 Karen In the back yard of Jurassic Park, a music venue where our boy Jake's thrash punk band was playing, October 16, 2015. 200007357 Signing Karen with our friend Steve at the Jurassic Park venue where Jake had a gig, October 16, 2015. I know, it's hard to tell which ones are Karen and Steve because they fit in so perfectly. 200007358 Brothers Jake and Ben in Ben's new group home, December 27, 2015. 200609262 Bestie Beastie Work being done in my office knocked this off the wall, a perfect opportunity to re-photograph the old and fading pic while there's still enough there to boost the contrast and stuff. Worth it for one of my all-time favorite shots of anything -- Jake at eight with maybe his all-time favorite life form, and the feelings were mutual. RIP Zena Warrior Puppy, 2000-2012. 202237126 Freedom Fighter Jake at 6:40am on his way to set people free at 26th and California with the Chicago Innocence Center. The Armando Serrano case is up today. Good luck to all, and congrats to Jake for being involved with this great organization this summer. July 20, 2016. 202244771 Mohawked Jake's Toronto shopping list: Misfits shirt, $12.99. Black Sabbath shirt, $12.99 (which he let me inaugurate). Attend Thrash Metal Show until 3am, $10.00. Mohawk: Priceless. Actually, only $8.00 Canadian, $6.50 American before tip. Ontario, the destination for your next (or your son's next) (or your daughter's next) mohawk. Pink purses, however, I still buy locally. 202456117 Shazam! The relentlessly supportive Karen observes, with obvious glee, her progeny's transformation, Toronto, August 5, 2016. 202456391 Father's Day Karen posted this to Facebook, June 19, 2016: "Happy Father's Day David Royko! You're a super dad and a Superdad! What a treat is was to see you with both of your boys together, a rare occurance, and I wish I could have memorialized the day with a better photo but one of you was wiggly. We love you." Thank you Karen. 202456784 Heading In Karen and me at the Bela Fleck-Abigail Washburn and Del McCoury Band double bill in Orchestra (a.k.a. Symphony) Hall concert, May 12, 2017. We were with Karen's mom and our niece Sarah, who snapped the pic. 204035453