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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

Towers From The Train Towers From The Train More Sears From the Metra, September 1, 2016. 202563053 And another Today's "inbound via Metra" pic, 7:20am. 200946014 Sears sorry not Willis The Sears (aka Willis) Tower pokes through clouds as seen from the train, December 9, 2015. 200486835 Clear Morning No mountainous clouds today, January 6, 2016. 200694980 Head in the Clouds Sears (ahem, Willis) Tower at 7:20am from the Metra train, May 4, 2016. 201704167 Mountains of Chicago Clouds over the lake fill in for the Rockies, January 4, 2016. 200674078 Headless A visually decapitated Sears Tower thanks to morning clouds, viewed from the Metra train. August 16, 2016. And yes, I know it is now called Willis. Too bad. 202439644 The Other Side I usually sit facing southwest on my way in, but today I was across the aisle, facing the sun, which I usually like to avoid, but it was nice to me at 7:00am. September 20, 2016. 202846858 Golden Sky Two minutes after sunrise (6:09, April 17, 2017) from the Metra train this morning, facing east, though it hadn't quite risen out of the lake over the buildings yet. 203942395