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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

Chow Chow Berries: My Award-Winning Photo! Before I messed up the nice symmetry by pulling out a basket of blueberries, I snapped this pic at the Daley Plaza Farmers Market as I was looking for lunch in August of 2010. In October, I submitted it to the Capture My Chicago (CBS News) contest, and received this nice surprise: "Congratulations David! Your photo Berries has won the Editors' Choice prize for the Farmers Markets Challenge!" Not only that, but Family Service of South Lake County chose it for the month of June in their 2011 wall calendar. Get yours today! (at: 94706571 Shiny Onions in bright sunlight wait to be appreciated at Deerfield's Farmers Market, June 23, 2012. 158777684 Red Grapes at Work My all-day helpers in avoiding Twinkies, January 13, 2015. 197103328 Hot I've never posted a pic of food. Nothing against it, just not my style since I'm usually too impatient to delay gratification enough to snap anything but my jaw. But here is my first. The tale... The B-Spot in Woodmere, a suburb of Cleveland near Ben's suburb of Shaker Heights, has something called the Ghost Burger. It uses salt made from Ghost peppers, rated really, really high on the Scoville Scale that rates peppery hotness. But the docs have told me that if I eat any more salt, my skull will pop so that's it for my favorite burger. Today, after our Saturday with Ben, we did our usual burger and beer at the B-Spot. But this time, I came prepared. One habanero pepper rated way high by the Scovilles, purchased at Whole Foods. The weight at the cash register of two-one-hundredths of a pound was probably one-hundredth pepper, one hundredth plastic bag. Total cost: 5 Cents. And my nibble test at the restaurant had my lips burning, so it passed. Chopped and laid neatly on the patty, it was hot bliss. So here's the pic, pre-nibble-'n'-chop. And beer is essential when eating habaneros. Karen, in "sympathy," had a Hot-and-Dirty Vodka martini (with Sriracha, olive juice and blue cheese stuffed olives). And, as a side note that happens far too often these days, our bar-mates (we like the bar for our Saturday night meals) were a couple with kids on the autism spectrum. Booze and commiseration go well together. So, cheers! October 25, 2013. 196076156 Bag O'Berries The day's snack in a baggie on my desk, January 12, 2015. 197092214 Red The baggie that brought the berries, February 6, 2015. 197380171 Blueberries Pineapple Pomegranate Seeds The latest in my ongoing, riveting, exhilarating, chock-full-of-suspense nail-biter series, "Bags o' Berries On My Desk!!!" Major plot twist spoiler alert: these blueberries are joined by special non-berry guests, Pomegranate and Pineapple, and talk about hijinks! 197593138 Hot 'n' Sweet My desk's permanent condiments try to taunt me into an early lunch, March 12, 2015. 197767573 Fresh and Frozen My morning snack in mid-thaw, July 7, 2015. 199033476 Red Berry Drop Thawing and dripping, August 12, 2015. 199395212 Peppers Morning snack on the desk, December 21, 2015. 200569021 Old Guy Snack If younger me could have told geezer me THIS would be the kind of thing I'd actually come to like as a snack in my geezerhood, I would've replied something like "Give me Snickers or give me death." But at least these are prettier. Thanks to mediator Farah for bringing these into the office today, instead of the usual donuts and other awful, terrible, poisonous, deadly snacks I would kill for, if the tasty little bastards weren't trying to kill me first. So, peppers and berries are my friends. Nature's candy? Candy? Um, let's not get goofy. May 3, 2016. 201691803 Big Sweet Pepper Mom-in-law Florence indulged my pepper addiction and brought me these two babies from the Farmer's Market, May 28, 2016. One to go. 201916701 Sweet Peppers, Mango and Grapes Yeah yeah yeah more fruits (mango, grapes) and vegetables (sweet peppers) to get me through my day. Much as I love the stuff, I'll think of it as "nature's candy" when Snickers becomes "human's fruit." June 6, 2016. 201944500 Pepper Binge Aftermath September 10, 2016. 202655120 Fruit Thaw Half way between frozen and thawed, the breakfast of champions. Or an office worker. September 14, 2016. 202708787 Life Imitating Sticker A coworker told me her son wanted her to give one of his beloved stickers to "her boss," and I could choose from a sheet of options. I e-mailed them this pic as a Thank You. October 24, 2016. 203183202 Mingling My peppers and mushrooms for the day, March 7, 2017. 203784418 Tradition Our Saturday night post-Ben visit to the bar at the B-Spot in Cleveland always includes one thing, er, three things. 204037192 Greenery Blackberries and Sugar Snap Peas, today's chocolate-avoidance weaponry (because masochistic me has a gift box of Fannie May on my desk for anyone venturing into the lion's den that I refuse to even look at let alone touch, though I swear I can smell it). Hot Sauce will be used. A lot. May 25, 2017. 204076416 Edible Spectrum Breakfast, lunch and snacks for the day, July 27, 2017. 204383953