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David Royko Psy.D




Posted on March 17, 2015 at 9:40 AM

Ben makes up songs. One of his (and our) favorites that has popped out of him for years goes:

"Ah la la la Bubbe; Ah la la la Big Bird; Hef! Hef!"

Absolutely no idea what the hef hef means (Bubbe is his grandma), but those two hefs are always belted out with conviction, and sometimes he even adds another hef or two.

This past weekend, Ben premiered the latest addition to his repertoire, or at least composed a variation:

"Ride the Carrot; Hef! Hef!"


A couple of pics taken to and fro:

Fat 'n' Bald
Ohio rest-stop eagles for sale Friday, the one in the middle appearing to be the true American bald eagle.



Totin' Gnome
Same rest-stop where the Bald Eagles reside, this time Sunday on the other side of the street (the westbound side of 80/90), where Karen and her diminutive buddy non-verbally expressed the official NGA (National Gnome Association) motto: My husband, Yes; My dog, Maybe; My Garden Gnome, NEVER!


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