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David Royko Psy.D

Allman Brothers/Tonight Show Brass: Kind of Bird

Ages ago, I remember being absolutely knocked out by an Allman Brothers appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, doing an instrumental with Doc Severinsen and the horn section. Through the years, I’ve periodically checked the ‘net, mainly YouTube, to try and find it. A similar (and excellent) clip from a different appearance of the Allmans w/ horns has been up on YouTube for years from a number of sources, but that one is “True Gravity,” and the one I wanted was “Kind Of Bird” (from1991's "Shades of Two Worlds" album). And hallelujah, I just checked and it’s finally there, and here it is (originally aired on October 9, 1991). And I still love it:

And this is the other one, “True Gravity.”